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Superbowl 2014


Sunday, February 2, 2014 is a pretty special day.  In case you didn’t realize it, the SUPER BOWL is this Sunday! I’m excited for a couple of reasons. First, I am a football fan and I like both teams. Second, there is a young man playing for Seattle from right here in little ole Jasper, TX!! So, we are really cheering for him!!

This young man, #79 for the Seattle Seahawks – Joseph “Red” Bryant, is a special young man to lots of people in this area. He is the exception to the typical athlete who lets his success go to his head. Not Red. He is humble, respectful, down to earth, and just someone that it is so easy to like. He is a super friendly man, and I think most of his hometown is very proud of him.

My daughter went to school with Red, and my oldest son played high school football with him! He is super talented and willing to share his knowledge with others.

With a hometown boy playing in the super bowl, you would think his hometown would be celebrating, hosting parties, and honoring this young man and his success. But, for some reason, there is nothing other than a small story on our local radio station about him. That is really sad! I mean, this young man, as well as the rest of his team, have accomplished quite a feat by making it to the super bowl!! I just think that his hometown should recognize this, and they are not!!

If I could, I would host a huge party to celebrate. But I can’t. Instead, I will sit at home, with my husband and a bunch of snacks and a good steak, and celebrate Red’s accomplishment! He will probably never know how proud of him we are, but we will still celebrate.