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Bible study


I find myself today, curious about what anyone who happens across this little blog/neglected journal of mine is studying right now. Do you study your Bible daily? Do you study with your spouse? Do you pray with your spouse daily? What are some areas of the Bible, or topics you have studied? Nosey today, aren’t I? I’m sorry but I was reading this morning, I think semi-studying would be the word, in James 2, and I found myself full of questions. I have to remember to make a list of these questions for my Sunday school class!
I have not yet purchased myself a commentary to help me along. What would some of you recommend as products/items/information/materials that you have used in your Bible studies, that you found exceptionally helpful?
I am also studying the Sermon on the Mount for my personal Bible study. I thought this might be an area that would be filled with lessons for me, and it is. I am someone who likes instant, or very close, satisfaction, so imagine my surprise when I started really reading through these scriptures, Matthew 5:1-7:29, and find that this is NOT going to be something that I can read over and study in a day or two! Not if I really want to get something out of it anyway, which I do. So, with that I discovered one lesson the Lord is really working with me on. Patience!
I used to think I was a fairly patient person. But I have discovered that my patience seems to apply only to certain conditions. Have you ever noticed that about yourself? Apparently, this is a pretty big thing that God wants me to fully understand. He sure has put plenty of things on my plate requiring me to just sit back and wait! I know God has a reason for everything He does. I just wish I could see those reasons a little quicker and easier sometimes! See, I definitely need these lessons on patience!
Well, I am now going to go study a bit more and see if I can understand more of what God is showing me. It is a really cool thing when He shows me something and I recognize it!! Especially where these life lessons are concerned!
Okay, I’m rambling, I know. Thank you for YOUR patience if you have read this far! God bless you and have a great day or so, until I get back here with something else!